We Build Leaders From The Inside Out

Leave your worries at the door and have a great time learning powerful self-defense moves, getting in the best shape of your life, and making new friends!

At Ryan Wagner’s Martial Arts & Fitness (RWMAF) it brings us much joy to help our members learn the martial arts of Tang Soo Do and Sin Moo Hapkido – these traditional Korean Martial Arts have influenced our lives deeply and we’re confident they will do the same for you. 

Total beginners as well as seasoned pros benefit from our classes! No matter what your starting point, you’ll get in the best shape of your life through dynamic body-weight exercises and learning new ways to move your body.

The powerful art of Tang Soo Do combines the movements of shotokan karate, subak, taekkyon (think Tai Chi style movements…but Korean and with really amazing kicks!), and kung fu.

We teach these traditional skills in a fun and modern way leaving you up beat, empowered, and sweaty for sure. Our instructors love to have a good time in class and make sure you do too!

These classes and skills are not just for adults either. Children and adults find they gain confidence and start to become amazing leaders both in class and in life in general. Adults are able to focus better at work while kids report being able to perform better in school with a newfound respect for community and family. 

We empower our students to do their best in all activities and especially at school. The workouts are actually lessons in disguise to teach children great skills that will affect them mentally and physically for the rest of their lives. 

If you’re looking for a family friendly school with a rock solid reputation, Ryan Wagner’s Martial Arts & Fitness will match your needs perfectly.

Our school appeals most to families looking for a modern facility, focused on traditional self-defense skills, to get you and your family in peak physical condition while having tons of fun. 

We look forward to seeing you in our beginners class very soon and helping bring out the leader in you! Oh, and one more thing…don’t forget to check out our amazing web special we have on the class pages before it’s too late!
Meet Ryan Wagner
Owner at Bensalem Martial Arts in Bensalem, PA
5th Degree Black Belt Tang Soo Do, 4th Degree Sin Moo Hapkido

Master Ryan Wagner, Owner & Head Instructor Master Wagner has been training in the martial arts almost his entire life and started teaching at the young age of 13. After graduating from high school, he went into teaching and managing of martial arts schools full time. Almost unheard of at the time, he became a Tang Soo Do master at the young age of 22 and a school owner at the age of 24 and has one of the fastest growing Tang Soo Do and Sin Moo Hapkido schools focusing on leadership skills in Pennsylvania. 

He is currently ranked as 5th Degree Black Belt Tang Soo Do and 4th Degree Sin Moo Hapkido.

Master Ryan is also known as Bboy Napalm. When he was 13, and just beginning his teaching career, he was introduced to the dynamic dance of Bboying (breakdancing). He has since become one of the most decorated dancers in the USA. He has travelled the world competing at the highest professional level and winning many competitions along the way. He is world renowned and a well respected part of hip hop culture. He strives to teach what knowledge he has attained from the dance and apply the same dedication to his martial arts teachings. Check out his “bboy napalm” channel on YouTube to see him in action!

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Come join our Bensalem, PA facility! We offer programs in Kids Martial Arts, and Adult Martial Arts . Choose a program that most interests you and take the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (215) 932-6410 if you have any further questions. We hope to speak with you soon!